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KLING -Comfortable handle and ceramic ball

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  • Materialceramic


  • South Korea South Korea

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l KLING -Comfortable handle and ceramic ball l

‘KLING’, a brand name, means a kind of German onomatopoeia when a bell sounds tinkle-tinkle. KLING is mugs composed of the upper and lower body. The lower half of the body contains a ceramic ball making sounds. Thus, it gives fun when washing and using it. Its manufacturing techniques are patent pending and this brand line KLING would be the main character of ‘namm’.

The concept of this product is to express a shape like a cactus in a pot. The shape of the handle also borrowed the shape of a cactus and was designed with a sense of a stable grip.
As both shape and weigh are an important part, a handle is the most important part of consisting a mug. This thought is associated with the sustainable use for the product.

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